I have been out canoeing a few times this spring so far. I did quick time-lapse videos on two of the outings– one along the Seine river inside Winnipeg and one in eastern Manitoba at Red Rock lake.

Camera gear was a generic GoPro clone camera set to take photos every few seconds.

Canoeing in Red Rock Lake Timelapse

A short loop by canoe around one side of Red Rock lake in the Whiteshell provincial park in Manitoba.

Taken on May 2018.

Canoe along the Seine River in Winnipeg Timelapse

A time-lapse of a 2 hour canoe ride along the Seine River in Winnipeg from the Perimeter highway to Shorehill Drive and back again.

This one is really choppy since I used a 10 second interval.

Taken May 2018.

I hope you enjoy the views. I did.