A basic “Drums and Synth” tune from 2011.

This is an early work of mine “before I knew better”…

I took the basic base riffs from an earlier track of mine – “What was I Thinking” and built a new tune.

Genre is a mix of house meets progressive meets dubstep. BPM is 120.

Done using MU.Lab on a PC with all virtual instruments.

The video footage is a stroll up and down the river path near the Forks in downtown Winnipeg in April 2012. Video was shot on an iPod Touch 4 and assembled on an iPad using iMovie. Enjoy.


Song Information:

Title Name: Cue a Clue

Album Name: —

Track Number: —

Artist: Brad Trupp

Length: 5:52

License: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

BPM: 120

Date Recorded: 2011


Not available for download at this time. Please enjoy it on YouTube.