This story is also taken from the journals of Peter H. Dueck and are from his trip to Paraguay in 1948.

He kept multiple journals. The other story “The Trip to Paraguay” found here had a lot of spending and accounting information that was not translated at the time.

Unfortunately, the original journals were passed to unknown family members and are now missing.

English Original Language

We went to Plum Coulee on the 22nd of June. Arrived at the train at 6:45. We had a lot of nice company.

On the 23rd, a lot of nice people and neighbors came to see us early. Left at 6:30. Left Winnipeg at 9:15. At 11:20 we saw a lot of rocky mountains and logging trees. At 1:30 we went through a tunnel. Going through the tunnel we were able to see both ends of the train at the same time (the locomotive and the caboose). The train has 11 passenger cars, 2 baggage cars and 1 work car. There have been a lot of little lakes already but very few people. Arrived in Kenora at 12:20, left Kenora at 12:50. A freight train left with 45 cars. Hawk Lake at 1:37, Eagle Lake at 2:30, Wabigon at 4:20 - Ontario time, Ignace at 5:14, Upeaka at 6:42. We went along a river for a long time that had lots of logs in it. Murillo at 8:17, left Port Arthur at 9:23. We saw a big ship on Lake Superior. There are miles and miles of floating logs on the lake.

The 24th we arrived at 5:25 in a town called White River Chopleaer, left at 9:10, Sultan at 10:15, Cartier at 1:30, Sudbury at 2:30, Sturgeon Falls at 4:10 There we saw children looking for strawberries. The highway goes right beside the tracks and there are lots of cars and trucks going by.

North Bay at 4:40, Mattarna at 5:55, Chalk River at 7:50, Smith Falls at 11:00 p.m.

The 25th - Tavern at 4:40 a.m. Here we can see big fields of daisies and grain fields. The time is 6:30, now we are nearing a tunnel. It took 4 minutes to pass through it. Quebec, the 25th of June, 1948. Now we are backing up to a ship at 6:58. We can see that they are loading freight. Embarked before lunch. 7:02 the ship set sail so smoothly that you couldn't feel it.

The 26th - We did not have a very good night. The hammocks were hanging too loose. Everything in order except a few with seasickness. One family has increased already.

Unsere Reise nach Paraguay

Fuhren den 22nd nach Plum Coulee. Kamen vietel vor 7 zum zug da hatten wir viel liebe Gaste.

Den 23ten

Kamen die Liebe Leute un Nachbarn schon fruh fuhren halb 7 Uhr los, verlieszen Winnipeg vietel uber 9. Uhr 11:20 schon viel Steingeburg und Stadelbaume, 11:30 fuhren wir durch ein Tunnel. Es sind biegungem das wir von inen den Locomotiere und das hucterste end vom zug sehen konen. Der Zug hat 11 Passagier, 2 baggage und 1 Arbeiter Kar. Es sind schon viel kliene Lakes gesvesen aber nur wenig Manschen. 20 uber 12 bis Kenora, 10 vor 1 verliesen wir. Da verliesz ein Faruhtzug von 45 Karen. Hawk Lake - 23 minuten vor 2. Eagle Lake - halb 3. Wabigoon - 20 uber 4, Ontario time. Ignace - 14 uber 5. Upeaka - 18 vor 7. Wir fuhren eine lange strecke Ein Flusz entlang da war viel Holz drin. Murillo - 17 uber 8. Verlieszen Port Arthur 23 Nach 9 da fuhren grosze Schiffe auf Lake Superior. Da ist meilen weit schwimmndes hols auf die Lake.

Den 24ten

5 minuten vor halb 6 bis eine Stadt mit Nammen White River. Chopleaer 55 minuten vor 9 (chop leave?). Sultan - vietel uber 10. Cartier - halb 2. Sudbury - halb 3. Sturgion Falls- 10 uber 4. Da suchten die KInder Erdbeereb der highway geht beseiten dan fahrt einemanche Car und Truck. North Bay - 20 minuten vor 5. Mattama - 5 minuten vor 6. Chalk River - 10 minuten vor 8. Smith Falls - 11 p.m.

den 25 ten

Tavern 20 vor 5 a.m. Hier sind grosze Felder Dasies auch Getreide Felder die Uhr ist halb 7 getzt wollen wir bald durch einen Tunnel fahren 4 min. Quebec 25 Juni 1948 Jetzt backen wir nach den Schiff 7 to 7 Wir sehen noch die Tracht laden. Sind noch Vormittag in Schiff gestiegen. 2 min. uber 7 fuhren wir sehr sanft los das es nicht zu sparen war.

den 26

Haben nicht sehr gut geschlafen, wir haben Hammocks die hangen zu sehr durch. Sosnst ist alles in ordung auszer etliche Seekranke. In eine Famalie hat es schon zuwachs gegeben.

This story continues after the picture below.
A 1948 postcard (both sides) of the T. S. S. Volendam sailing the Holland-America line from Quebec to Buenos Aires.

This was the ship that Jacob and Maria Stoess and other families traveled to Paraguay on.

English (continued) Original Language (continued)
The 27th - This morning the ship is swaying. We have gone a little further. Have not gone too far yet. It looks like a storm coming up. We have seen one whale. By next Sunday we are to be at Trinidad and from there 13 more days to Bonis Aires. We had church in 3 places on the top deck. We had a very unusual noon meal which made me feel unsettled. At 5:00 we saw lots of whales. By now we can hardly see any land anymore.

The 28th - By 1:00 at noon we cannot see anymore land. The sailing is good. It is swaying a bit because of the big waves. The wind is from the front so it is a bit choppy. There are lots of people who are seasick. I just about had it, too. Sara and Anna are a bit dizzy today. Peter started work in the kitchen.

Sunday evening the water is blue like rinse water. Nearly got sick again this evening.)

Mr. Diedrich Klassen was very sick in the night. Anna became sick also. I haven't seen land for a whole day now.

The 29th - Today the ocean has calmed down, and the ship is not swaying so much. We can't see any land nor have we seen another ship. So far we have all eaten every meal except Anna. Jacob Loewen is sitting at our table where we eat. It is getting quite warm now. Up to now we have been looking for sunshine but now we are all trying to sit in the shade.

The 30th - Always very nice weather, hardly any wind. Today we saw flying fish. We have gone 346 miles since yesterday at noon. We are going much further then we expected.

Sontag der 27 ten Juni

Heute morgan schaukelte es. Schon ein bischen weiter gekamen. Sind noch nur wenig. Es sieht nach Sturm geben. Einen Walfisch habe Ich schon schwimmen sehen. Nachsten Sontag sollen wir bis Trinidad komen und von da noch 12 Tagen bis Bonis Aires. Wir hatten auf 3 Satz KIrche auf dem Oberdeck. Hatten ungewohntes Mittage wurde ein bischen unwhahl. Uhr 5 sahen wir viel Walfische das land ist beinahe alleverschwunden.

Montag der 28te Juni 1948

Uhr 1 nach Mittag Heute kein Land es Fahrt ziemlich gut es schaukelt. Heute ziemlich es gehen schon ganz nette Wellen. Der Wind ist geade von vorne es badet nach viel. Es sind feel Seekrank, ich war gestzern meist. Sara und Anna haben heute meist sie sind auch schwindlich. Peter fing Sontag den 27ten des Abents an zu schaffen in die Kuche. Das Wasser ist so blau als sehr geblautes Sguwasser. Ich bin des abends meist krank gewarden. Derk Klassen war sehr krank des Nachts, Anna wurde auch krank. Haben den ganzen Tag kein Land gesehen.

Dienstag der 29te Juni 1948

Heute ist das Meer schon nicht so unruhig, jetzt schaukelt es nicht sehr. Kein Land zu sehen haben auch noch keine Schiffe gesehen. Wir haben noch jede Malzeit gegessen auszer Anna. Jacob Loewen ist auch an den Tisch wo wir Essen. Es wird dah schon heute sitzen wir schon im schatten weil wir bis jetzt Sonnen schein gesucht haben.

Mitwoch den 30ten Juni 1948

Immer sehr schoenes Wetter, wenig Wind. Heute hab ich fliegende Fische hatten von Uhr 12 gestern Mittag bis heute Mittag 346 Meil gefahren. Wir beschicken viel meht als erwartet.

English (continued) Original Language (continued)
Meeting, August 30th, 1948

It was agreed at the meeting that the people should all buy their own food stating the 1st of September. Some foremen were voted in. They agreed to vote 7 men and 1 secretary for the church community. Also to get the money together as soon as possible that was paid out for the food that the community as a whole paid for or to be taken off in wages.

The boys that worked 22 days on the ship received 181.00 g.

(original text is missing)